The WISDOM of Young Adults 

Back in the summer 8 young adults and 4 mentors sat in my living room and talked about a new media ministry effort idea. We talked about all kinds of things. From the challenges of sharing a Christian worldview and faith to the challenges young women face in professional settings. We looked at media examples and talked about what reaches young adults today and then I asked a question. "What is one thing you want for the people in your generation?" Their responses made my heart fill with Joy. • Peace •…

But, I'm Just One Domino! 

I don’t know about you, but I wish I were having an Instagram kinda Fall right now. You know, the one where you jump into a pile of fresh raked leaves on a crisp sunny autumn day or being able to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte in that extra fashionable fall wardrobe. Or, how about a nice chilly night at a football game? Instead, I am literally falling. Falling short on all of life’s demands….falling short on paying attention to my relationships…falling short on being intentional with spending time with God in…

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I Am Your Child - So I Will 

One of the reflections that I had coming out of conversations with a lot of our young adults both from the conference last January and with some of the young people that I walk with today, was the desire to do something for Jesus sake, but the struggle of actually feeling qualified to do that something. For about the past 5 months, I've had on my to do list something of a thought from those conversations about how we get to living life for the things that God is passionate for.

I am a sinner - You are my…

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How Well Do You Know You? 

What makes you unique? What gives you joy? If you understood yourself better, do you think it could make a difference in your college studies? How about your job or better yet the relationships that matter most? Could understanding how God made you unique answer some doubts and prayers you have about your future?  

That is what we are going to be doing June 9th as a Christian community of young adults and leaders, taking a look at how to understand the unique strengths God has given each one of us…

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I Can Do All Things... Really?? 

Ever feel a bit overwhelmed with where you are at in life? Maybe you are stressing about your next career move? Or perhaps it’s about where you will go to school? Maybe your relationships or lack thereof? Or maybe it’s the fact that you have absolutely nothing going on at all? Whatever the reason is, I hope that maybe my story will give you a bit of encouragement.

Over a year ago, I decided to take a big jump and start studying for my CPA exam. You see, I had taken it after I graduated college over 16 years…

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Our Story is Not Finished Yet 

There are times in life when everything seems to be going extremely well. Our days are bright and sunny. Our family and friends are happy and healthy. We have a great job or are doing well in school. We’re able to pay our bills on time, and there is even some money left over at the end of each month. We are experiencing a time of abundance and everything seems to be going according to “our” plan. But then something happens and puts a “freeze” on our seemingly perfect life. A life threatening …Read more

Take a Walk With Me 

When the 2019 conference wound down and I finally could catch my breath, I found I couldn't sleep. In fact for the next week I didn't sleep well, constantly waking up with conversations with young adults running through my head, ideas to make 2020 special and the simmering joy of what we had experienced together. 105 attendees, most within the generation of 18-25 and a number of excellent leaders, including a group that drove 10 hours from Canada to be with us.

It was an amazing experience and the…

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All Things New 

My daughter and I summited Picaho Peak north of Tucson, AZ earlier this month; the first time we had ever made it to the top of a legitimate climb. We had climbed to the saddle last year, but wanted to go the distance this time and took the 2 hours to get up about 1400 feet of winding, climbing, sometimes dangerous pathways to finally reach the top. All the way up we passed cacti, "trees" with tiny leaves and lots of rocks!
As we continued on the rather arduous route, climbed the final 100 feet, and…

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Read On If You Are an Encourager 

Sometimes when we work hard to be an encouragement as a leadership team, we tend to focus on the challenges and problems that young people talk to us about. Yet there are "Seasons" to life, even in college and as a young professional. Sometimes we really do feel the anxiety, and we battle relationship pitfalls and get tackled by depression. In those seasons, we're grateful for supporters who encourage us, pray for us, and help lift us up. But what if you're in a season of exciting productivity and much…

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Hope for Life? Follow the Signs! 


I don't know about you, but I have something of a love/hate relationship with Google maps. Enter the address of my destination and then roll the dice and take the gamble. It tells me there is traffic ahead and I could take this "other" way, but it never seems to work out. The traffic backup still seems a little late to be reported until I'm one of the statistics in the algorithm that tells everyone else to avoid the road I'm on. But it certainly can be a helpful tool too, especially if I know where I…

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