How Well Do You Know You?

What makes you unique? What gives you joy? If you understood yourself better, do you think it could make a difference in your college studies? How about your job or better yet the relationships that matter most? Could understanding how God made you unique answer some doubts and prayers you have about your future?  

That is what we are going to be doing June 9th as a Christian community of young adults and leaders, taking a look at how to understand the unique strengths God has given each one of us. "Extrovert"... "Introvert"... Asperger’s... "Special Needs"... There are a lot of labels that we use on people, but within each individual comes a unique set of God given strengths. We want to leverage the wisdom of God in scripture, along with the research and science of the StrengthsFinders team to give you a valuable tool to understand yourself and your unique, God-given design and how your gifts can be used to strengthen others.

At the end of the day, we all long to experience a deep and resounding JOY! The kind that makes you smile years after an event has happened. Well here's another passage for you and I to consider:

"I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete." John 15

Working in your strengths will bring you the greatest Joy. If you and I can know our strengths, grow in those strengths and then use them in our relationships and in the teams and ministries we serve in. One of the great hopes we have is that you and I could understand our unique strengths combination and then align what gives us joy with what brings GOD joy. And God's joy is complete relationship with him.

This “learn-the-basics” overview of StrengthsFinder will help you become more aware of your God-given strengths. The emphasis will be on how each person and the specific partner-up opportunities can find joy serving the Lord in your personal life, your ministry to serve others, and the many other teams and roles in your lives. We will identify Strength Partner-Up Opportunities and be encouraged in light of how God has created us to be a unique part of the body of Christ – as we all grow in love for ourselves based upon God’s love for us to serve others.

 Don't Know Your Strengths???

While it's not necessary for this talk, it would be a huge benefit to you if you knew your top strengths. For $20 you can take the test and unlock your top 5 strengths, which are the foundation for the unique way God has wired you. For $50 you can unlock all 34 strengths.

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