Small Group Questions for Hannah's Keynote
As part of the small groups that met after Hannah's talk, we gathered to consider the following questions.  We hope they will give you some things to work through in your own life or as part of your own small group.

1) In what areas of life have you or are you currently experiencing disappointment? 

2) Have your disappointments shown you what you are placing your identity in? 

3) How does having your identity as "Loved by God" change how you think about disappointment? 

4) Has God ever exceeded your expectations when you asked for something and didn't get it?

Small Group Questions Part 2
As part of our Summer One Day event, we took some time to talk with Hannah a bit more about a few things we didn't have time to cover in the keynote on June 11th.  This is a great follow-up video for you to watch as a group.  You can use the questions below as they relate to our conversation about "Disappointment, Community and Christian Witness"

On the topic of Intimacy and Community
1. Who in your life can you connect with more and be more vulnerable with sharing in an authentic way.
2. If you have those people you can trust, what is keeping you from talking with them?
3. How can I also be a good listener and be THAT person for someone else?
4. As you wrestle with your own seasons of disappointment, what comfort, what challenge have you received from God's word?
5. What are the promises of God we can cling to in seasons of disappointment?

On the topic of Christian Witness (it's not just Christians who are experiencing disappointments)
1. What disappointments are you aware of that are common to both the Christian and the non Christian person?
2. Maybe your story isn't just for you... maybe it's for other people. How do you respond to this idea? What Bible passages might back this view up?
3. Why does your soul hurt?
4. Are you at peace with what God is doing through your disappointment? If not, what are you struggling with and how can you work through that?
5. Is there anyone in your life that is experiencing disappointment that you can reach out to?