If you've never been to an Awake and Alive Conference for the 18-25 generation and leaders enjoy our 2019 short recap.

2019 Conference Main Sessions

You Were Made For This

What do I want for my future? I'm not a kid anymore so who am I now? What's this life really for? While the 18-25 window of life is a short one, it is exploding with opportunities. As we consider majors, careers, relationships & the possibility of family, perhaps there is one question that rings out more than all the others - Why am I here? In this session we'll go back to the beginning & look more deeply into the three reasons that you exist & the foundation of the three core relationships you are called to be a part of. Your future joy, at the deepest levels will be found in these ideas of Communion, Community & a Common Unity - you were made for these!

From Worthless to Worthy

One the greatest fears we face is failure. We feel we don't measure up to others in looks, accomplishments and social status. Comparative despair (even comparative depression) doesn't end at high school graduation; it only increases if not addressed. We speak our fears into reality. We convince ourselves that our insecurities define us and confine us. There is hope beyond measure. Find your story of worth through the story of Mephibosheth, a man who felt unworthy until he encountered grace.

Young Adult Leaders Q&A

One of the most talked about elements of the 2019 Awake and Alive conference was hearing the young adult leaders talk about some of their experiences taking Jesus to their world and the challenges and opportunities their walk with Jesus has brought to their lives.

2019 Conference Encouragements