Mile Marker Testimonials

In the book of Joshua, we hear of a time when the Israelites were preparing to claim the inheritance God had promised to them 40 years earlier as they moved toward Canaan.  However, the Jordan River was at flood stage and they were unable to pass.  God commanded the ark be brought to the river and when the priest's foot reached the river, the waters receded and bunched up far upstream and dry ground appeared for all of Israel to cross over. 

As part of this crossing, God had each of the twelve tribes take a stone up from the riverbed, large enough and heavy enough to carry on their shoulders.  On the other side of the river God had them build a marker, a testimony of this safe passage and miraculous provision of God's faithfulness.  It was to be there so that generations would ask, upon seeing it, "Mother, father, what do these stones mean?"  It was to be a testament to God's faithfulness for them to remember for all time. 

One of our hopes for Awake and Alive and the 18-25-year-old generation is that these events might be spiritual mile markers for those that come.  That Jesus would be so clearly shown in our words and messages, our songs and services, and in our community, that people would leave remembering in their hearts what God put in them. 

Psalm 89:1-2: "I will sing of the Lord's great love forever, with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations!  I will declare that your love stands firm forever!"

Mile Marker

Kevin & Julie McSwain

Kevin and Julie McSwain talk about how they found forgiveness after divorce and how having a foundation of faith has helped them have a successful marriage and blended family.

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Abby Westendorf

Abby Westendorf shares her story of how God has helped her overcome anorexia, perfectionism, and the need for control.

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Paul Kunz

In 2017, with the help of musician and studio engineer, Alex Bennett and videographer Jack Albert, they began the process to bring Paul's song to life and to share it with the world. The video tells the story of this journey from heartbreaking circumstances to an invitation to consider the gift of Grace God gives all people.

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Erica Ellington

Erica Ellington talks about the impact traveling to Africa meant to her desire in nursing and how God used that experience to open her eyes to new opportunities and passions to serve people.

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Gene Schulz

Gene Schulz talks about God's faithfulness in the middle of some of the struggles of World War 2.

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Marya Haegler

Psalm 89:1-2 Sing of the Lord's great love - Make his faithfulness known through all generations. A special thanks to Marya for sharing her story of challenge and God's sustaining hand in the good and difficult days!

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Bari Rieth

Bari shows some of her life and experiences as God brought her through a brain injury sustained in a major car accident and how he continues to open doors for her years after the accident. An inspiring story of God's faithfulness and a spiritual mile marker that continues to inspire her today!

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Josh Fink

Josh Fink talks about college dreams, life's realities and God's faithfulness in the midst of it all.

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Sammy Unnasch

Sammy talks about how the things we go through can rebuild us into people that can help people and can offer people real comfort in their lives.