Awake and Alive Events and materials have been recorded and made available to Christian ministries as they serve for and with the 18-25 generation.  On this page, please enjoy the main session with Dr. Scott Gostchock and Pastor Aaron Strong with your group or as a personal bible study.  Handouts are listed below for group work and additional questions.  After you have watched the main session, use the additional teaching videos and discussion handouts for this session.  If you have any questions, please let us know. 

Here's our recommendation on how to best use this Video Bible Study: 

  1. Read Psalm 139
  2. Watch Pastor Strong's Devotion
  3. Watch Dr. G's talk. Use presentation resource, notetaking sheet  
  4. Use Small group questions for discussion after Dr. G's talk
  5. Watch Discussion videos 1 and 2 and use discussion for teaching videos to discus.

Know and use your God-given strengths - you are amazing - fearfully and wonderfully made! (Psalm 139)

"What makes you unique?  What gives you joy?  If you understood yourself better, do you think it could make a difference in your college studies?  How about your job, or better yet the relationships that matter most?  Could understanding how God made you unique answer some doubts and prayers you have about your future? 

This "learn the basics" overview of StrengthsFinder will help you become more aware of your God given strengths.  The emphasis will be on how each person and the specific partner-up Opportunities can find joy serving the Lord in your personal life, your ministry to serve others, and the m any other teams and roles in your lives.  We will identify Strength Partner-Up Opportunities and be encouraged in light of how God has created us to be a unique part of the body of Christ - as we all grow in love for ourselves based upon God's love for us to serve others. 

Don't know your strengths?  Visit to unlock your top 5 strengths ($20) or full 34 ($50)  Awake and Alive receives no support from StrengthsFinder, but believe it is an incredibly powerful tool that is extremely helpful to understanding how God made you unique through the strengths he is revealing in some of the research of this agency.


Devotion on Psalm 139 with Pastor Aaron Strong 

Small Group Questions Printout for Teaching Videos

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