If you've never been to an Awake and Alive Conference for the 18-25 generation and leaders enjoy our 2020 short recap.

2020 Conference Main Sessions

When God Asks the Impossible of Us

Life often gets out of balance. It shifts, changes without warning and, when it does, it steals our confidence. The fear of the unknown coupled with fearing failure can freeze us in worry and even despair. There’s an incredible and mostly unknown story in the Bible that speaks peace into this reoccurring life lesson. It’s Gideon’s story of life failing, shifting and God’s impossible ask on this broken man. God is in the business of asking what seems impossible on his people so they know what is truly possible: joyful confidence and resiliency. Where do you need balance back in your life?

Young Adult Panel

Our young adult panel tackles a variety of topics from over-committing ourselves, breaking bad habits and replacing them with good ones, and finding people to support you and hold you accountable. They also talked about the difference between laziness and needing to rest, dealing with others expectations of us, and understanding the differences between non-denominational churches and Lutherans as well as between LCMS and WELS.

Abby Westendorf - MileMarker

Abby Westendorf shares her story of how God has helped her overcome anorexia, perfectionism, and the need for control. "God doesn't give you things that he knows that you can't handle, and if he does give you those things that it seems like you can't handle, he's going to be there with you, walking you through it, and if you don't have the strength to stand, he's going to pick you up and carry you through it. He's not only going to help make you stronger but those around you stronger."

Josh Lauritch Interview

Josh Lauritch speaks about humility and recognizing that we are not in control. God is the one in control. Each one of us is exactly who the sovereign Lord intended us to be in this moment.

McSwains - MileMarker

Kevin and Julie McSwain talk about how they found forgiveness after divorce and how having a foundation of faith has helped them have a successful marriage and blended family. "All of a sudden God creates something wonderful and beautiful. Beauty from the ashes. Something that goes from death to life." "Marriage is a wonderful thing. It's a beautiful thing, and I think having it takes work. It takes having some vulnerability, having some patience, and as you go through life, you're not always going to agree on everything, but having the foundation, sharing, and having open communication with your spouse I think are key factors to a successful marriage. Don't be afraid to get marry. Don't rush into getting married. There's no hurry, but is it a wonderful, wonderful thing to have."

Acts 6 Crew Panel

The Acts 6 Crew panel discusses when they learned safety is an illusion and the hope we have in Christ in those frightening situations. They also talked about how God has used their mess-ups and failures for good, the biggest lie that was broken when they married as well as advice for those struggling financially. In conclusion, they discussed how they ended up in their current career field, what led to make the decision to marry, and spiritual advice they would give to the younger generation.

Be Confident in the Lord

Pastor Jon Enter closes out the weekend with a look at the story of Job. He speak about how our friends impact our thinking and can either build up or tear down our confidence in Christ. He reminds us that the devil is a liar and that "God does not stockpile our sins against us." "God's forgiveness is immediate and permanent as soon as you say Lord God please forgive me." "He will never stop pouring out his love."

Closing Song and Benediction

"Lord may we shout the confidence that we have gained through this conference through your word out into our lives. May we be the ones that pour into others and may you God and your unique way touch our lives and to pour others into us. Thank you Jesus for your grace. Guide us. Bless us. Keep us."

2020 Awake and Alive Breakout Sessions

Living the Life I had Never Planned

Are you living the exact life you planned out in high school? I am definitely not. Growing up we are always asked, “What are you going to do when you grow up?" Once in high school and also after it changes to, “No, what are you actually going to do? Where are you going to go to school? Are you going to get married?” etc. If we don't succeed at these plans we’ve created, it feels like we failed leaving us lost, confused and even angry. However, it is actually part of God's plans. Proverbs 16:9 says, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” We can only plan our lives so much. This session will offer encouragement, tactical advice and guidance on how you can prepare for God's plan in your life.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Flourishing

No matter who we are we all want to be valued and we want to flourish. It sounds nice but how and why are we valued how and why should be value others? And what does it mean to flourish? These are age old questions asked by every culture and philosophy. In this session we will explore the answers many have given to these big questions before looking through the lens of Christ’s justification of us and use of us in the Father’s economy of love. Here is where we find a unique answer to questions of value, human rights, purpose, and human flourishing.

Created for Intimacy

The LORD God of heaven & earth created us for "intimacy", relationships of depth & closeness intended to bring completion to our existence. We can so easily focus on sexual intimacy between a man & a woman that we forget the intimacy that matters the most, our close relationship with God himself. To remember our God sets the stage for health & joy in whatever relationships he has in mind for us, including the sexual. This session will give opportunity for open & honest discussion on intimacy for life. What decisions do I WANT to make now for healthy living with my God? How do I plan to live NOW for the health of my future marriage? What is "secondary virginity", and how does repentance and God's grace pave the way still for joy in my relationships? How does the word "no" play into relationships that truly bring joy? The topics are many; God grace is HUGE.