2023 Keynotes, Devotions, and Worship

Opening Keynote

Remember to Laugh with Your Father

Whenever challenging world, national, family, or personal events seek to make us wonder whether anyone is in control in our turbulent world, it can be incredibly important to learn to hear our heavenly Father laughing (Psalm 2). We can learn to laugh too even when the winds of culture seem to be blowing against us from many angles. We laugh with him when we realize that no one in this world can overrule our Father’s saving purpose for us in Jesus. As we laugh with our Father, we learn how to stay actively engaged and involved in the world without being consumed with anxiety about the ultimate outcome.

Friday Evening Devotion

Whose Side Are You On?

Pastor Tom Westendorf opened up our devotion with a hard look at Joshua chapter 5 for our Friday night at Awake and Alive 2023. For all of us who have wondered if "God is on our side", this devotion will help us wrestle with the right question.

Saturday Keynote

The Story You Live. The Difference It Makes.

Do you know what story you’re a part of? Is it an epic, like Lord of the Rings? Is it a tragedy, like Hamlet? Is it a comedy, or a romance? Or does this universe not have any story? This is actually a deep philosophical question, because how you answer it determines whether or not you can say that your life has purpose or meaning or value. This is also a deeply practical question, because how you answer it determines whether or not you have any comfort to give someone going through tough times, including yourself! Join us as we see how recapturing the narrative of our lives gives us amazing ways to wield God’s Word practically and skillfully in everyday situations.

Closing Devotion

Remember Who You Are

Pastor Bourman closes out our conference with a look at the beautiful Psalm 139 reminding us who God is and who we are because of the ever lasting presence of our God.

Closing Worship

How He Loves, Glorious Day, Beautiful Savior

Our closing sang about the reminder of the Savior's love, the joy that we have knowing that our end will be all right, because of the Beautiful Savior that we have and worship

Cam Schroeder - guitar/vocals, Jonas Doerr - percussion, Adam Westendorf - Keys, Katie Kopplin - vocals, Emily Junker - vocals, Marques Nelson - bass, Mike Westendorf - guitar, Jon Enter - Benediction