2023 Keynotes, Devotions, and Worship

Opening Keynote

Remember to Laugh with Your Father

Whenever challenging world, national, family, or personal events seek to make us wonder whether anyone is in control in our turbulent world, it can be incredibly important to learn to hear our heavenly Father laughing (Psalm 2). We can learn to laugh too even when the winds of culture seem to be blowing against us from many angles. We laugh with him when we realize that no one in this world can overrule our Father’s saving purpose for us in Jesus. As we laugh with our Father, we learn how to stay actively engaged and involved in the world without being consumed with anxiety about the ultimate outcome.

Friday Evening Devotion

Whose Side Are You On?

Pastor Tom Westendorf opened up our devotion with a hard look at Joshua chapter 5 for our Friday night at Awake and Alive 2023. For all of us who have wondered if "God is on our side", this devotion will help us wrestle with the right question.

Saturday Keynote

The Story You Live. The Difference It Makes.

Do you know what story you’re a part of? Is it an epic, like Lord of the Rings? Is it a tragedy, like Hamlet? Is it a comedy, or a romance? Or does this universe not have any story? This is actually a deep philosophical question, because how you answer it determines whether or not you can say that your life has purpose or meaning or value. This is also a deeply practical question, because how you answer it determines whether or not you have any comfort to give someone going through tough times, including yourself! Join us as we see how recapturing the narrative of our lives gives us amazing ways to wield God’s Word practically and skillfully in everyday situations.

Closing Devotion

Remember Who You Are

Pastor Bourman closes out our conference with a look at the beautiful Psalm 139 reminding us who God is and who we are because of the ever lasting presence of our God.

Closing Worship

How He Loves, Glorious Day, Beautiful Savior

Our closing sang about the reminder of the Savior's love, the joy that we have knowing that our end will be all right, because of the Beautiful Savior that we have and worship

Cam Schroeder - guitar/vocals, Jonas Doerr - percussion, Adam Westendorf - Keys, Katie Kopplin - vocals, Emily Junker - vocals, Marques Nelson - bass, Mike Westendorf - guitar, Jon Enter - Benediction

2023 Plenary Talks and Interviews

Plenary Talk - Dr. Rhoda Wolle

Designed on Purpose for a Purpose

Am I really supposed to have my life figured out? What if I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life? My friends are getting married, and I haven’t met anyone, is something wrong? What is my purpose? Why am I here? Seems like everyone else has things figured out and I feel…confused. So many questions and you may even have others! It’s ok. Let’s talk. God has designed you on purpose and He has a purpose for you. Let’s spend some time exploring this.

Plenary Talk - Anna Wallander

Relationships- the Healthy Playbook

Let’s just say it like it is- relationships are hard; From developing them, to nurturing them, to addressing conflict- what’s the right way to go about encouraging healthy relationships in the work place, in the home, out in the world, and on social media? Let’s break down the four tiers of influence in our lives- the roll others play and the roll we play. Most importantly, let’s work to understand God’s playbook for existing with others in this life in a way that makes a positive impact.

Interview - Kyler Lueck

Ministry and Life Experiences as a Young Adult

Mike Westendorf sits down to talk with Kyler Lueck about ministry and life experiences he has had an opportunity to be part of in his life as a young adult.

Interview - Brad Snyder

Conquerors Through Christ

Mike Westendorf talks briefly with Brad Snyder of Conquerors Through Christ to learn about how they are helping people recovering and battling addictions with images that impact God pleasing intimacy.

2023 Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session - Mike Helwig

Not Now, Not Here, Not Ever

What might your response be to the question, "What are the secrets that you keep?" After a season of keeping secrets, King David was led to say these words: “When I kept silent, my bones wasted away …” (Psalm 32:3). So, how do you navigate things you would never tell your mother, or even your best friend? Where and how will you find people and places where it is safe to be vulnerable? After coming to grips with his secrets, King David also said “A broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.” (Psalm 51:17). Jesus tells us to be confessors. He promises to bless honesty and truth. He promises grace through his sacrifice. In this breakout session we will explore David, his Psalms, and the path from secrecy to the safety of a grace community. We will leave room in our time together for the questions on your heart. As you wrestle with your own secrets, our goal is to put you on a path where Christ is the central focus for helping you build your own personal confessor team.

Breakout Session - Nate Strobel

Sex. God’s way and what to do when we’ve blown it already

SEXUALITY…a significant gift from the Creator. SEX…often a powerful influence on the whole of one’s life. FAITH…the “X-factor” for blessing in a world of hurt. This breakout session will be a straightforward and clarifying presentation on “Sex. God’s way and what to do when we’ve blown it already.”

Breakout Session - Isaac and Anna Wallander

Grow Your Mind, Enhance Your Life

What does it take to live a truly confident and thriving life? How do you be both content while striving to develop yourself further? -It all begins with the state of your mind. Our thought patterns determine our life choices and our reactions to stimulus- in the work place, in society, at home, and in our relationships.Live up to God’s full potential for you by learning how to discipline and train your mind for righteousness, and see how your life transforms

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