Community Group Questions

A way to process what you've learned

Community Groups are a major part of Awake and Alive's vision to help young people grow closer to Jesus and Closer together.  

We hope these questions in a group setting can help you process and "own" some of what you learned today.  


Discussion Questions - June 9th, 2024

1) What do you think is easier to master (and why): Internal Self-Awareness or External Self-Awareness?

2) What is a personal trait or behavior [i.e. strength] that you’ve felt others have consistently misunderstood about you or criticized you for? If given the opportunity, how could you explain this trait in terms of it being a God-given strength rather than a shortcoming?

3) How will you use what you learned from Emily’s talk - what action(s) can you take THIS WEEK? Before you leave this event, find or text someone who will hold you accountable. Ask them to pray for you specifically about this action and follow up with you about it sometime next week.