Take a Walk With Me

When the 2019 conference wound down and I finally could catch my breath, I found I couldn't sleep. In fact for the next week I didn't sleep well, constantly waking up with conversations with young adults running through my head, ideas to make 2020 special and the simmering joy of what we had experienced together. 105 attendees, most within the generation of 18-25 and a number of excellent leaders, including a group that drove 10 hours from Canada to be with us.

It was an amazing experience and the affirmations and constructive comments we've received from the people attending the conference have inspired us. You'll find out more later this year about 2020 in the months ahead, but for now I'd like you to walk with me just a little bit and get a taste of the conference experience. Please walk with us for a little bit by watching this 5 minute video. Our video team led by Jack Albert did a FANTASTIC job of capturing the heart of Awake and Alive conferences and WHY you should come this summer and plan to join us for the 2020 conference.

Then, would you be willing to pass it on to others that you know in the 18-25 generation - or to people you know who are praying for young adults in this generation?

Please keep us in your prayers as we dial in the 2019 Summer Gathering and continue with prep and planning for 2020!

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