Life to the Full

It's a busy month, this month of May.  Final exams, projects, and thesis defenses for college students. Job searches have begun for that summer job that will earn some needed cash for the next school year.  Military assignments are being fulfilled.  High school seniors are looking forward to the next steps.  It's not just the flowers, sunshine, and warmer temps (that's debatable), LIFE is happening in the month of May.  As we bask in the reality of the Easter Resurrection and the fulfilled promises of God in his victory over sin and death, we are also hoping and praying that this newness of Life, would not just be a temporary thing.


Jesus acknowledged that we still have an enemy that has come to steal, kill and destroy, but quickly trumps this enemy with the reality of why HE came, that we might have LIFE and have it to the FULL.  Full life won't happen completely on this side of heaven and we know all too well the impact of sin in our lives... our sin as well as the sin of others.  We know that while Spring has the promise of new possibilities, we also know that summer heat can wither us, autumn rains can melt away those hopes and that a winter season will come again.


It's for this reality that Awake and Alive and ministries like The Point of Grace and Wisconsin Lutheran College exist for you young adults.  We want to provide a place of Christian encouragement for you to gather with peers, enjoy some time together, talk about life and the shared experiences you are having and most importantly, hear more about how God is walking in your generation that is truly waking up for the first time as young adults.  We hope that you will join us this summer, invite a friend, a co worker, a family member, that could use Christian encouragement in their lives as you share it with people like you.  God's blessings in all your spring and summer endeavors - we hope to see you at Awake and Alive this summer!

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