Through monthly Bible study and an annual two day conference - Awake and Alive exists to inspire hope filled Young Adults through encouraging, Christian community

Join us for our monthly online Bible Study

Sunday September 18th - 7:30pm online.

Our next time together is going to be Sunday evening September 18th at 730pm Central time.  C. S. Lewis influence in Christianity in the 20th century is undeniable.  But did you know his journey to being one of the more influential voices in Christian circles started in atheism?  As he came to understand the God of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ it transformed his heart, so much so that he no longer saw ordinary people, but those with an immortal destination and only two outcomes.  

We will be spending part of our fall semester looking at 2 Corinthians 5 as we consider some of the revelations of C. S. Lewis story "The Most Reluctant Convert" (you can learn more here) and how the Grace we've been shown, changes the way we see and respond to others.

Our early fall schedule for the online Awake and Alive groups looks like this:
Sunday October 23rd
Sunday November 6th
Sunday November 20th
Sunday December 4th
Sunday December 18th
Sunday January 8th
We can't wait to dive into God's word together with you via Zoom so that you can join us from wherever your summer takes you.  Email Mike for the Zoom link at or click the link below.

Awake and Alive is partnering with the WELS Campus Ministry to provide and online campus ministry community for students who do not have the ability to connect to a local campus ministry either due to distance or schedule.  Students, you can contact us at to be added to the contact list for the Zoom link and special events.  

Our 3 day conference is comin up January 13th - 15th in Mankato, MN and it is a great way to meet in person with those who gather online!

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