Live Stream Schedule (CENTRAL STANDARD TIME)

6:15pm - Live Stream opens for remote sites to get setup.

6:30pm - Devotion with Aaron Strong and the Awake and Alive band

7:00pm - Main Session with Scott Gostchock (Q/A ~ 7:45)

8:00pm - Community Group Time (We will sign off at this time)

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Community Group


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Ways to ask questions

For the Q&A, TEXT Questions to 414-507-8250

Email Questions to or through the contact page

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Next Steps
Will you be doing more events this summer?
We will be encouraging young adults and leaders to gather again in July for devotional video content designed for small groups with Dr. Scott Gostchock.

When will the materials be released?
Two videos and discussion guides will be available online at beginning July 1st. Groups will be able to meet at their convenience and in the location of their choosing. We will NOT have a live stream event.

What if others couldn't make the June 9th event, how do we take advantage of this opportunity?
The June 9th main session with Dr. Scott Gostchock will be released later in June and available to churches and young adult groups so that more people can be part of the journey this summer.

Are you doing anything in August?
We will give suggestions on some ideas for local groups to capitalize on what they've learned. However, we do not plan on releasing new materials in August, just suggestions on DOING something with what you've learned in this event. More of that will be shared in July.

Registration is also now open for our Awake and Alive 2 day Conference
January 10-11th in Milwaukee, WI.