What a GREAT finish to Awake and Alive 2014 summer group series with 70 people taking in the message of "Fearless Declaration", what "The Good Message" is, and the courage to step into sharing it.  An awesome event finish from our community team included the releasing of our greatest hopes and fears to God as we approach the new semester.  Special thanks to all of our volunteers and "doorholders" who helped to make it a reality and a HUGE thanks to all of the college aged and young professionals who made the trip to be part of the night!

The session recap is above, take in the message below.  If you want to get involved or want more information on the next event, please email us at mike@mikewestendorf.com



For the talk, you'll want to watch the video "Death of Me" by the group "Red" as we reference it a couple of times in the main session talk.

Main Session Talk - Fearless Declaration

Pictures from Awake and Alive Session 3 - August 10th!