Awake and Alive Zoom Summer Group


Join Pastor Kent Reeder, Mike Westendorf and an online community of young adults and leaders as we explore permission. Here are the session details:

Permission | Where constraints become gifts and gifts become opportunities. What if, when you thought of God, of church, or of faith, your first thought was about opportunity? What if we could see every "you shall not" as guidance toward a "you can" and every forbidding as a teaser for something better? If your church gave you permission to reach, try, learn, create, and go - and to do all this without having to worry about being judged for the result - what could God accomplish in you?

Bio Kent Reeder has been given permission to start things. He planted Illumine Church in South Carolina, he co-founded the Community of WELS Creatives, and he re-started the Hearts & Hands conference for artists. Even now, he's been given the opportunity to start another new church in Seattle (in conjunction with a community building initiative called See Greenwood Better,) where he lives with his wife, Alexandra, and their son, Beck. None of this would have been possible for him if other Christians hadn't invited him to try, and their generosity has changed the way he sees the church and its mission. It's his prayer that this time together with Awake & Alive can do the same for you.

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