Agenda outline for Awake and Alive Conference 2022 (Updated 9/24/21)


5:00-6:00pm       Registration

6:00-6:15pm       Welcome by Mike Westendorf

6:15-7:00            Keynote1 Speaker - Pastor Jon Enter

7:00-8:10pm       Team Building Activities / Snacks

8:10-8:20pm       Passing Period (Light snacks offered)

8:20-9pm            Community Group 1 (Community Group Pastors - Jon Bilitz, Jon Enter, Nate Strobel, Marques Nelson, Aaron Robinson, Mike Helwig)

9:00-9:10pm       Passing

9:10-10:00pm     Vespers Worship with Pastor Jon Bilitz           


8:30-9:20am       Community Group 2 and morning devotion (led by Community Group Pastors)

9:20-9:30            Passing Time     

9:30-10:15          Breakout Session 1 (Brandon Steenbock, Amber Swenson, Aaron Wakeman and TBA)

10:15-10:25        Passing Time

10:25-11:10am   Breakout Session 2 (Brandon Steenbock, Amber Swenson, Aaron Wakeman and TBA)

11:10am-11:20   Passing Time

11:20-12:00pm   18-25 Generation Panel Discussion

12:00-1:00pm     Lunch (Served in Banquet Hall)

1:00-2:00           Acts 6 Panel Discussion

2:00-2:10pm      Milemarker 1- Hannah Schermerhorn

2:10-2:35           Interview with Hannah Schermerhorn

2:35-2:45pm      Passing time

2:45-3:30           Community Group 3

3:30-3:40           Passing time

3:40-4:00           Milemarker 2- Abby Westendorf 

4:00-5:00           A Christian Conversation about Race - Where do we go from here? (Lisa and Bukata Hayes, Aaron Wakeman, Aaron Robinson, Mike Westendorf)

5:00-5:05pm           Mike Dinner Announcements



5pm-7pm           Dinner (Buffet Dinner in the Banquet Hall)

5:30-630pm       Entertainment - Perpetual Pete

7-7:45PM           Community Group 4

7:45-7:55         Passing Period

7:55-8:15       Closing Keynote (Mike Westendorf)

8:15-9:50       Closing Vespers Worship with Pastor Mike Helwig 

9:00  -  End of Conference, fellowship and cleanup