Keynote and Session Speakers:

Session Info: "When God Asks the Impossible of Us"   

Life often gets out of balance. It shifts, changes without warning and, when it does, it steals our confidence. The fear of the unknown coupled with fearing failure can freeze us in worry and even despair. There’s an incredible and mostly unknown story in the Bible that speaks peace into this reoccurring life lesson. It’s Gideon’s story of life failing, shifting and God’s impossible ask on this broken man. God is in the business of asking what seems impossible on his people so they know what is truly possible: joyful confidence and resiliency. Where do you need balance back in your life?

Bio: Jon attended Martin Luther College and later Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, graduating in 2004.  He served as pastor at Divine Savior Lutheran Church in West Palm Beach, Florida until 2018 when he accepted a call to serve as a Campus Pastor & Instructor at St. Croix Lutheran High School in West Saint Paul, MN. He and his wife, Debbi, have four daughters: Violet, Lydia, Eden, and Maggie.

Friday night Worship

Breakout Speakers and Sessions:

"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Flourishing" 

No matter who we are we all want to be valued and we want to flourish. It sounds nice but how and why are we valued how and why should be value others? And what does it mean to flourish? These are age old questions asked by every culture and philosophy. In this session we will explore the answers many have given to these big questions before looking through the lens of Christ’s justification of us and use of us in the Father’s economy of love. Here is where we find a unique answer to questions of value, human rights, purpose, and human flourishing.