Awake and Alive is a ministry event for the collegiate generation and anyone in who is 18-25 years old.  Students just graduating from high school and Young Adult ministry leaders are also welcome to attend!

This summer we are changing the way we're serving this generation of young adults by inviting groups to join us not only in Muskego, WI, but from across the nation.  We're excited to have James Hein, Pastor of St. Marcus and an accomplished conference speaker and ministry leader to unpack our topic "Yes, I'm Saved.  Now What?"  So how can you be part of the event?

Attend the event in Person at St. Paul's in Muskego, WI

  Register for free online.

 Join us for a free dinner starting at 530pm.  The address for the event is: 


The Bridge @ St. Paul's - S66W14325 Janesville Road Muskego, WI 53150


 Devotion and Main event starts at 630pm with a 1 hour community group to follow.

 Make plans to join an Awake and Alive group to .keep the conversation going in July.

Form a "Live Stream Group" through your Local Church


 Form a group through your local church or ministry and plan to join the Live Stream starting at 6:30pm June 10th


 Even though you can't join us in person, please register for free online.  It will help us give you more information about the followup ministry opportunity in July.


 If you can't find a group, we will have a livestream through Facebook and you can be part of the Facebook live stream and conversation there as well.  


 For Live Stream Groups, simply agree to a place where you can watch the event together.  Make it a tailgate beforehand and enjoy some time together before the event.  Printable materials will be available for online users and small groups shortly!


 At the conclusion of the event, agree to a date and location to meet in July when we release additional content for small groups to continue the conversation.


 “Yes, I’m saved. Now what?”

Working the eternal implications of a timeless gospel into a daily life.


We are excited to announce this year's main session speaker and the topic we'll be looking at this summer! Pastor James Hein will be leading our June session and will be recording special content when your local group gathers in July to continue the conversation. We'll be looking at Gospel implications, and to get a sense for where he'll be leading us in June, check out the brief session description:

"Studies and surveys show as fact, that the lifegoals of the average young adult Christian today are virtually indistinguishable from their secular counterparts. They want to have a great marriage, a beautiful family, a successful career, enough money to not worry about money, follow the deepest desires of their hearts, and, in general, be comfortable.

Put differently, the average young adult Christian today knows and can share the gospel news that Jesus died for my sins so that when I die, I can go to heaven. The average young adult Christian cannot, however, explain to people how the gospel affects their self-image, their relationships, their finances, their health, their career, their identity, etc. 

That’s a radically different life goal than the Early Church, which sought the goal of Kingdom Building. In this talk, we'll look at the "Now What" part of the Gospel story. If you know that your final chapter has already been written (Eternity with Christ), how should that reality impact the way we live as young men and women today?"


Awake and Alive Summer Group is generously supported by

Antioch Foundation

Kingdom Workers

St. Paul's Lutheran, Muskego, WI

Climb the Mountain Ministries

The Point of Grace Milwaukee Campus Ministry