This past June, Awake and Alive met for it's main Summer Group gathering with Pastor James Hein.  With over 80 young adults and leaders coming together in Muskego, WI and another 40 people joining in the Live Stream, it was our best attended event to date.  It is our desire to produce events and materials to encourage, educate, train and inspire young adults and young adult leaders and this summer starts a new page in our story.

We hope people will meet three times over the summer.

 Take part in the main session. If you have not yet seen the presentation, the video and printable materials are listed below. 


Attendee Notesheet

Session Questions

Full June Session including devotion (Facebook Live Link) 

Full June Session including devotion (YouTube Live Link)


 Continue the journey and dig deeper with these Teaching videos and questions from Pastor James Hein.  Set a time, get together with your group, review your notes from the main session and go deeper into God's word as we consider what it means for us personally.

Video One Questions

Video Two Questions

 Commit to doing something with what you have learned.  As you understand better this idea of working the Gospel into all the areas of our lives, what one thing can you focus on and apply to your life today?  As a group, encourage and help each other, pray for each other as the Gospel of Christ works into our everyday life.  Celebrate the story of God's faithfulness with the people around you!

Based on feedback from this year, we will develop ideas for an August small group encouragement, but for now we will trust people to look at ways to APPLY what you have learned and share a story about it.


 “Yes, I’m saved. Now what?”

Working the eternal implications of a timeless gospel into a daily life.  June 10th, 2018


We are excited to announce this year's main session speaker and the topic we'll be looking at this summer! Pastor James Hein will be leading our June session and will be recording special content when your local group gathers in July to continue the conversation. We'll be looking at Gospel implications, and to get a sense for where he'll be leading us in June, check out the brief session description:

"Studies and surveys show as fact, that the lifegoals of the average young adult Christian today are virtually indistinguishable from their secular counterparts. They want to have a great marriage, a beautiful family, a successful career, enough money to not worry about money, follow the deepest desires of their hearts, and, in general, be comfortable.

Put differently, the average young adult Christian today knows and can share the gospel news that Jesus died for my sins so that when I die, I can go to heaven. The average young adult Christian cannot, however, explain to people how the gospel affects their self-image, their relationships, their finances, their health, their career, their identity, etc. 

That’s a radically different life goal than the Early Church, which sought the goal of Kingdom Building. In this talk, we'll look at the "Now What" part of the Gospel story. If you know that your final chapter has already been written (Eternity with Christ), how should that reality impact the way we live as young men and women today?"



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